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Freshman 15 – No Way! The Fit Way!

Note: While much of the usual fitness options may not be available due to these unprecedented times, there still are some great things available to students. For instance, Boot Camp is offered in Garage B most Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7 am. What a great way to start the day! Otherwise, it is best to check that schedules haven’t changed or places haven’t closed before heading out.

We all know by now the advantages of staying fit, exercise, stress relief, healthy heart, maintaining weight (or losing if those freshman 15 do start to creep up), and so on. The question is will our students stay fit and work out when they get to school. The truth is many do. I love seeing students jogging around campus; an inexpensive way to exercise. I also loved that my daughter called to tell me that she went paddleboarding on Saturday….for free, right in the lake behind her dorm. There is also a climbing tower, multiple pools including a lap pool, racquetball, basketball and volleyball courts, plenty of intramural teams, and the MAC gym which is a 13,000 square foot facility that allows different activities such as floor hockey and indoor soccer…all on campus.

Many students prefer the gym to teams though and there are plenty to choose from. The Recreation and Wellness Center at UCF has a multitude of classes throughout the week including yoga, barre, Zumba, resistance training, mind/body, cardiovascular endurance, plyometrics, spinning, and more. Walk-ins are welcome, but it is recommended that students sign up online to guarantee a spot. These, and more can be found at RWC; the on-campus gym. The RWC also has a new facility on the north end of the UCF campus, closer to Towers and Greek Row that have a lot of group classes in addition to cardio and strength equipment. Remember, whether your student lives on campus or off, as long as they are registered students, their membership to the campus gym is free and it is permitted to borrow resistance, bands, ankle weights, rollers, and more from the front desk. The RWC is hosting virtual workout classes just like their in-person classes. Log-in and follow the updates.

If you need help getting started or want to create a good workout routine and learn the ropes, you can meet with the personal trainers at the RWC on campus. More info on the personal training prices and what training they offer.

  • Some students have memberships and go to Orange Theory, Youfit, CrossFit, Anytime Fitness, or LA Fitness. Many of the off-campus apartment complexes, like NorthView, Plaza on University, and The Retreat have gyms as well.
  • One of our interns recently raved about Title Boxing in Oviedo where she recently got a “phenomenal workout.” Membership is required though.
  • There’s a new exercise studio on University right next to Chipotle called HOTWORX- they offer 30 min hot pilates, yoga or isometric classes and 15 min HIT spin and rowing classes in a video instructed class. The student deal is $50/month and they are opened 24/7. It’s very convenient and fast if you’re looking for a fast, efficient way to get a good sweat! You can also try your first class free! Make sure to bring a towel and stay hydrated!
  • Blanchard Park has a really nice running trail and fields for sports and you don’t need to pay to go! It is located on Dean Road, approximately 10 minutes from campus.
  • Being that yoga is one of our favorites, we have a whole blog on doing it at UCF.
  • UCF also has a bunch of cool adventure trips that involve exercise and meeting new people all while having fun.

Those that exercise at their apartment complex or on campus do not have to pay extra for use of the gym. Most apartment complex gyms are also 24/7 which is very nice (Science Drive, Boardwalk, U House, Knights Circle). The private gyms can get rather costly; some memberships are monthly and others are by the class. Whatever your student chooses; the good news is they are working to keep healthy.

And, of course, you will want to combine exercise with that healthy eating regimen. Check out our suggestions in our Healthy Eating blog.

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