Trouble in Paradise

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Trouble, sometimes it happens.

I began our conversations about walking alone at night, binge drinking, hazing, and drugs, among other things many months my kids left for college. I felt confident, as most of us do, yet, some of us may still get the phone call we dread. It happens. Your student got into trouble; now what?

Remain calm, because most likely your child is freaking out and frankly, someone has to be the voice of reason. Yes, they may have done something very stupid and immature, but let’s remember they are new to this freedom and still navigating their way around adulthood.

UCF’s Student Legal Services offers legal advice, services and court representation in select areas of law that students encounter most often and for which it would be difficult to obtain other legal representation at affordable prices. All consultations are by appointment only.

Here is where your student can go to find resources for resolving issues such as academics, mental health counseling, nutrition disabilities, roommate conflicts, gender discrimination, and sexual violence. Perhaps they need some legal help regarding housing contract dispute or an accident.

It is important that your students be aware of the code of conduct (that they have signed) and abide by the rules of the University’s’ guidelines. They take student behavior seriously and will act accordingly if your student breaks the rules.

There have been students who are pulled over and ticketed for not having their school address on their license. That will not hold up in court as non-resident college students attending college in Florida may drive in Florida without having a Florida driver’s license if they have a valid license from another state or country. For resident college students, a Florida Statute exempts students while at school in Florida so they are allowed to keep their home address.

Should they need a notary, one can be found at Student Legal Services in the Student Union. The UCF Police Department also provides a notary for $5 for students from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

UCF CAPS (Care and Psychological Services) is a great tool for students who want to talk to someone or participate in groups. Advocacy Services is another great support center for students to go for safety and equality in diversity. Actually, you may want to check out our blog on The Stress of College for more ideas like this one. CAPS provides individual, group, couples, and crisis counseling, life coaching, and outreach and prevention services.

If they do get in trouble and you need to contact someone at the University, here is a list of important contacts to have on hand.

It may be difficult to find the bright side of whatever issues your son or daughter may have gotten into, but it will undoubtedly promote growth and maturity.

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