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What You Need to Know About Downtown

My major is actually one of the main majors that are moving downtown. I believe I will be taking my last Human Communications course at the main campus. I had the opportunity to tour it this past semester and while it is not 100% completed; it is beautiful. There are three main industries moving downtown as of Fall 2019. They are all in digital entertainment and communication, public service, health-care technology, and administration. Here is a full list of all of the undergraduate and graduate programs moving downtown.

There are a few construction projects taking place:

Dr. Phillips Academic Commons: classrooms, library, tutor spaces, moot court, and academic offices.

UCF Center for Emerging Media: has academic programs like Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, The Center for Research and Education in Arts, Technology, and Entertainment (CREATE), and flying horse editions.

Parking Garage: Four stories with license plate recognition and security cameras. The ground floor will have a Barnes & Noble

Student housing: UnionWest at Creative Village which will have more than 600 beds. The lower level will have the culinary arts program.

There will be three main parking garages, for now, with 1,800 parking spaces for faculty, students, and other guests on campus. UCF sells parking decals online through the UCF Parking and Transportation services which can also be used for the UCF downtown campus. That way you only need to buy one permit. Here is where you can purchase a permit. There will also be a UCF shuttle or the LYNX bus if students have no car.

Students have the ability to drive, bike, or use the downtown shuttle options provided. There will be a shuttle service going directly to the campus from the main campus. They also have a service called LYMMO that is like a bus system. Students are able to be dropped off anywhere downtown, they just have to drive and park downtown and then LYMMO can drive them anywhere. Here is more information on the LYMMO service.

Students are also able to sign up for the Downtown Campus Pass to ride SunRail for free up until September 30th, 2019.  Sign up here.

Student housing is available for UCF and Valencia College at Union West at Creative Village. Apartments open in August of 2019 (Want to follow the countdown?). This housing is a 15-story building with restaurants, classrooms, and other amenities on the bottom floor. If you are a Valencia or UCF student moving downtown due to your program study, then it is recommended to live here. If students are deep in their area of study and know for a fact that they will not be taking any more main campus classes, then moving downtown would be a good option, however, it is important to remember that most of UCF’s students still live near the main campus. If you would like to meet with friends or go out around campus then it may not be the best option.

Some students are worried that moving downtown is unsafe, but UCF assures its downtown students that it is very safe. It has its own police force available 24/7 to its students. There are patrols, surveillance, phones, and emergency alert systems. There are many restaurants available on and off campus, however, there are also dining options available. Valencia College’s Walt Disney World School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts will be at the downtown campus. This will provide students with a restaurant lab inside their housing tower.

UCF Downtown confirmed that they are on track to open the new campus in time in August. This is such an exciting time for both students and parents! There are many opportunities for Knights. They will have many of the resources students at main campus have including: health services, student success services, counseling services, career services, and academic advising. Students can move into the housing tower Aug. 21, and classes begin Aug. 26.

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