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UF takes safety very seriously. Technology has changed the landscape of how they impart information to students through texts and emails, and social media platforms. There are also options available for students to use to get around the campus. For one, students can follow UF Alert on Twitter. Parents can follow as well but it may be overwhelming to get an alert for every activity when you are hundreds, if not thousands of miles away. I follow the alerts during Hurricane warnings/watches and other serious events and then unfollow. You can go ahead and bookmark in advance.

University of Florida Web pages
UF Emergency Hotline
1-866-UF FACTS
Follow UF Alert on Twitter

It’s a SNAP!

The Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol (SNAP) is a free, nightly, campus safety and transportation service sponsored by UF Student Government, Student Traffic Court and the University of Florida Police Department. SNAP provides a point-to-point vehicular escort service. All SNAP employees are University of Florida students who have passed a stringent background check, 15 passenger van training, and a driving test. In addition, SNAP employees must also maintain an academic standard to remain employed. Employees are equipped with a police radio, picture ID, and flashlights. SNAP communications and activities are monitored by the University of Florida Police Department. The SNAP program is overseen by the University of Florida Police Department Community Services Division and a designated SNAP Police Coordinator, who is a sworn police officer.

There are two ways to request a SNAP escort. The preferred method is by downloading the TapRide SNAP app, which is free and available to download from either the Google Play Store or on iTunes App Store by searching for TapRide. Once you download the app, please choose the “University of Florida SNAP” location and log in with your Gatorlink account.

For additional information and hours of operation for SNAP, click here.

Some students do not like waiting for SNAP. I know my daughter and her friends would call an Uber instead of waiting. The most important advice is that students not walk home alone especially late at night. It is far too risky.

An Uncomfortable Discussion …

UF offers a self -defense program for women and for men. My daughters did not take the program although I truly wished they had. It may be worth looking into for your students.

All universities are open campuses many with beautiful, sprawling foliage, brick buildings, open spaces. UF is an absolutely amazing campus like many college campuses. Being a college town, it does attract some undesirable persons. Your students should always be aware of their surroundings. We live in scary times as witnessed by the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida (where both my daughters graduated from and where I live). Sadly, students, today prepare for what is called a Code Red or active shooter. Every college has a plan. To read UF’s plan, click here.

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