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Better late than never. Transferring requirements.

Some students leave for college unsure of what to find and realize when they get there it is not the place for them. Perhaps too they never actually went away but had been living at home for college and are now ready to go away.  If transferring to UF is something your student is considering, they can start by checking out the requirements here. Note: the first condition is the completion of an Associate of Arts degree from a Florida public institution or a minimum of 60 transferable semester credit hours from a regionally accredited institution (except for AA applicants from Florida community college enter based on articulation agreement).

If students are applying with less than 60 credit hours, or have completed a bachelor’s degree, you are not eligible for the on-campus program but can apply for a UF Online Program or Graduate, Professional or post-baccalaureate admissions. Applicants must meet the State of Florida’s foreign language admission requirement and complete the College-level Academic Skills test or an approved alternative. There may be additional requirements based on the major/program they are applying to. A personal statement is recommended if they have attempted 90+ hours of college credit.

The application fee for UF online is $37, nonrefundable. For fall acceptance, the deadline is June 11, 2018. The decision is on a rolling basis. The application fee for the UF graduate program is $30, nonrefundable.

Transfer students must attend a one-day transfer preview program that covers all the information a new student will need to have a successful start at UF. This one-day session goes from 8:00 a.m.until approximately 5:00 p.m. Click here for additional information.

Once your student has made the transfer to UF, Gators that previously transferred to UF recommend getting involved instantly by joining clubs and attending events and before they know it, UF will feel like they were there all along.

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