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Officially Unofficial – Dad is in Town to Visit!

Dad’s weekend isn’t exactly official at UMD, meaning that there isn’t one specific weekend that it is called for, but many sororities and fraternities have one. The sorority I am in does not have a specific weekend exclusive for dads, but there are several weekends throughout the year that you are meant to invite your family to. Whether you have a specific Dad’s weekend or not, there are plenty of things to do when your dad comes to town that will make your time with him special.

Going to school at the University of Maryland allows you to have endless possibilities for activities to do with your dad. For those dads looking to relive their college experience, there are floods of parents that go out during the happy hour. It is extremely relaxed and always a good time. There is both outside and inside seating and parents can get a glimpse into the college lives of their students. My parents love it- we get to go to the bars and have some great bar food for lunch. For those students 21 and up, I would recommend taking your dad to either Cornerstone or RJ Bentley’s. If your dad comes in on a game day weekend, that makes the bars all the more fun and spirited, and you get the chance to go and watch the Terps play.

My parents and I love to eat at all of the amazing restaurants in town, so when my dad comes up, we always try to eat somewhere new and different. Whether it is breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner we are always guaranteed a good meal, and it’s nice to have dad pay for it! If your dad is more into city life, take him to the great city of Washington D.C. D.C is a short drive away and is full of great sights to see, delicious food, and plenty of outdoor activities. When my dad comes to visit, I like to take him around the monuments to just walk around and enjoy the city. My dad’s favorite place in Washington D.C. is Georgetown waterfront. There are so many great restaurants located right on the water and the area is just beautiful. If your dad is into history or just enjoys going to museums, D.C. is one of the best places to be.

There are also tons of different nature and outdoorsy activities to do with your dad – check out our suggestions in Nature vs Nurture.

Finally, hit up some of the breweries closest to College Park. These include:

Further away, you will find

Wherever you go or whatever you do, make the most of the time you have with your dad when he comes to visit you. Having your dad come spend time with you at college will make memories that you will always remember!

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