Is A Grade A Really An A?

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Those Pluses and Minuses Do Count! Get the Right Grade.

Getting good grades in school really does matter. The grade you are given will have an effect on your overall college experience, and possible graduate schools you would like to attend. The college grading system can be confusing, especially coming from high school.  Is an A the same points as an A- or that matter is a B+ the same as an A-? Here is a look at the UNF Grading System.

Grade   GPA

A             4.0
A-           3.7
B+           3.3
B             3.0
B-            2.7
C+           2.3
C             2.0
D             1.0
F              0

Some students may end the semester with W or withdrawals and these do not factor into their GPA.  Typically speaking, students are aware of classes they have withdrawn from and students are aware of their grades going into finals. As a parent, while I am thrilled with my children if they get an A or an A-, my personal belief is that if you have tried your hardest and done your best, that is what matters.  But, with graduate schools becoming more and more competitive, sometimes trying their best and getting an A- may be the difference between acceptance and rejection.

Just as a point of reference, UNF undergraduate students who graduate with the following grade point averages will receive the corresponding Latin Honors distinctions:

3.50 to 3.64 cum laude

3.65 or 3.79 magna cum laude

3.80 or higher summa cum laude

We all want to see our students do their best, understanding how the college grade system works will help them to excel and be successful. Be sure to check out our other helpful blogs that can assist you and your student to have the best college experience possible.

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