Setting A Beautifully Decorated Mother’s Day Table

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Moms That Brunch

I am blessed to be able to share Mother’s Day with my mom and my aunts. There is something special about having these strong women in my life. They continue to inspire me. Much of the type of mom I am is based on what these moms in my life shared about parenting. So when it comes to Mother’s Day, we like to celebrate with a family brunch. We make this day special by setting a beautifully decorated table with flowers.

Mother's Day table

Sophistiplate Disposables

Set a perfect table with these sets from Sophistiplate. They even have a Mimosa-themed table setting which includes service for 8. it includes a dinner plate, salad plate, appetizer/dessert plate, cocktail napkins, hand towels (because the bathroom should always match, lol), and Mint & Gold Bella Assorted Plastic Cutlery/24pc, Service for 8. I used their blue and white timeless setting for Passover and was very happy with it. Everything is disposable, but the cutlery can be washed.

I chose their Blush Bouquet Table Setting for this year’s Mother’s Day.  You can purchase it on their website or through Amazon. If you buy through Amazon, you must purchase the cutlery separately.

Table Enhancements

I love adding florals to my table decor. I went with a peony garland and flowers in glass jars which went perfectly with the floral pattern of the plates.  They truly enhance the aesthetic and add to this Mother’s Day table.

Round braided placemats

Pink stemware glassware

Flowers in a glass jar

Mother's Day table

Pink & Peach Peony & Daisy Garland by Ashland

Mother's Day Table

Gifts for Mom

My mom and aunts are like me in that spending the day together is what makes the day special. But, I know my daughters, and they always bring a gift. I’ve got some great gift suggestions for all different budgets.

Happy Mother’s Day to All Moms! 🌸🌹🌺

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