My Top 10 Travel Item Recommendations

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Top 10 Travel Item Recommendations

Simple Travel Items To  Make Traveling Less Complicated

It is common knowledge that air travel is complicated these days. However, Traveling is my therapy. I have missed my trips with my daughters and family over the past few years. But I’ve got a bucket-list trip planned for September. And my daughters have been traveling a lot this year. Here is our top 10 travel item recommendations.


I have owned my share of luggage over the years. Soft-sided, hard shell, duffles. But, this year, I bought new luggage as gifts for my daughters and myself. We went with investment pieces that are lightweight and easy to maneuver. And they have other features that make the difficulty of air travel simpler.

1.Away Luggage– Their luggage is popular for its durability and modern technology. The interior of the suitcase uses a compression system. One side is designed for clothes. The other is for items like shoes and toiletries. I love that it is lightweight with a polycarbonate shell. Another feature is the TSA- approved lock system. I bought the Medium bag and the carry-on for my daughter. She recently used it for her trip to Scotland and found it held enough for a 10-day vacation. I won’t lie; they do get scuffs. The luggage comes with a melamine sponge similar to the Mr. Clean sponge.

Top 10 Travel item Recommendations

BÉIS luggage– I recently got my older daughter the medium suitcase and matching carry-on for her birthday. She travels so much between bachelorette weekends, weddings, and visiting friends.  The handle has a cushion, softening your grip.

Top 10 Travel Item Recommendations

Packing Cubes

These are a must for staying organized.

2. Away packing cubes – I like the compression of their cubes.

eBags – We all have the light 5 pc packing cubes. I used these when I went on my first international trip. I like having a variety of sizes. Small for undergarments and larger for bulkier clothes like jeans and sweaters.

Backpacks & Travel Bags

3. Away packable backpack – I don’t know about you, but I always go shopping on my trips. I ended up with way more than I left, including clothing, souvenirs, and even shoes. Nothing is worse than getting to the check-in counter only to find you are over the weight limit. Airlines charge a lot for extra pounds. This time, I am bringing this packable backpack.It is lightweight and folds up easily.

https://sovrn.co/1jbovto 10 Travel Item Recommendations


4. Béis Weekend Travel Bag and the cosmetics case. The travel bag has a sleeve on the outside back to fit the luggage handle. I decided to purchase one too. It won’t match my Away suitcase perfectly, but it will allow me to bring some outfits and shoes when I arrive.

Travel Accessories

Adapters and Converters

5. Voltage Valet – I bought this adapter in 2019 for a few international trips. I need ports for my cell phone, Apple Watch, and other products. Gone are the days of bulky, heavy adapters and converters. It will accommodate three USB power ports.

Top 10 Travel Item Recommendations

6. USA to European Outlet Plug Adapters – I bought these when we were in Greece because my square adapter would not fit into their round plugs. I bring them more a just in case since they are lightweight.


Tracking Devices

7. Apple AirTag is all the rage now, especially with luggage complications. My daughter just used it on her trip to Scotland. Her luggage did not come out on the baggage carousel. She looked on her phone and was able to track that it was off to the side. The GPS guided her right to her suitcase. It operates on a lithium battery. You could carry an extra CR2032 coin cell battery.  You could get the 4 pack and use the others for keys, handbags, wallets, and backpacks. Samsung makes a SmartTag for non-Apple users.

Top 10 Travel Item Recommendations


8. Rechargeable Travel Makeup Vanity Mirror with LED Lights – This will be an additional item to bring on my upcoming trip. On prior trips, my daughters and I share a jr. suite. But there is still one bathroom. Or the bathroom lighting is not great for applying makeup. At least, this gives us an option to put on our makeup in the sleeping area. It is light, has a rechargeable USB, and three light settings.

9. Leather Card Holder – My daughters bought me this chocolate brown leather card holder from the little market for Mother’s Day. It will be the perfect small holder for the few credit cards I will bring. I love that this company is a mission-driven nonprofit supporting many issues from the environment to young mothers, HIV/AIDS to homelessness, and so much more.

10. Travel Journal – Also from the little market. This light indigo set of two will let me write down details of my travels. The cover is made from discarded cotton fabric from the garment industry that is transformed into paper to make the journal.

My Top 10 Travel Item Recommendations

Counting Down The Days

My bucket-list trip to Sweden and Denmark was amazing.  There are a few other travel items I would include as follows:

Philips One by Sonicare Battery Toothbrush

Slim Travel Battery Pack – concludes cords, five output dual input phone charger for cell phone devices, with three built-in cables.

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