Red, White, & Buffet July 4th Party

red white and buffet July 4th party

Easy July 4th Party Ideas

July 4th is right around the corner. We’ve got a July 4th table for small, intimate gatherings that will sparkle and shine. But what if your party is a big backyard event? There are easy ways to decorate and serve following our red white and buffet July 4th party ideas.

Backyard Buffets

Buffet tables are the easiest setup for large parties. You can cater barbecue chicken and ribs, corn on the cob, cole slaw, and fixings.  Another idea is having guests bring themed desserts, including red, white, and blue cookies, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry fruit salad, cakes, candy, chocolate, and more. Using paper makes cleaning up a blast. By the time the party is over, everything will sparkle & shine as it did the previous day.

Over The Top

A table rod decorated according to the holiday or theme is the perfect way to make your red, white, and buffet July 4th party4th of July special. This is the first time I have used it. I love the added dimension to the table. It also gives more space for plates, platters, and decor. It is super easy to set up.

I decorated the rod with fabric garland of stars and stripes. I hung a Farmhouse Americana Fireworks Pom Pom banner across the center. You can hang star ornaments like these July 4th ornament balls instead of a banner. The creative possibilities are endless.

red white buffet July 4th

The Table

I started with rustic white wooden crates for the cups and straws. Elevate your table with patriotic-themed place settings. Use red chargers and blue chargers plate chargers as the base. Guests can then take Wavy dinner plate Americana from Sophistiplate for the dinner plate and Hamptons Navy Floral paper plate for dessert. The stripes, ginghams, and plaids created my vision of a vintage look.  Hamptons Navy Gingham and Red Stripe guest towels added to that look. Red and gold and blue & gold plastic cutlery from Sophistiplate seemed natural.  Amazon has them too.(red & gold/blue & gold).


Ambient Lighting

Once the sun sets,  use these Independence Day wood candle holders with LED batteries. You can also scatter tea lights in the shape of stars. I had blue and white ones from Peace Love Lights and found a red one at Target.

red white buffet July 4th 

Red, White, and Blue Treats to Sweeten Your Independence Day”

Delight your guests with patriotic-themed treats and favors they can enjoy throughout the festivities. Serve classic American desserts like red, white, and blue fruit skewers, popcorn, and 4th of July cookies.  These stars and stripes treat boxes are perfect for guests to fill up popcorn and red, white, and blue M&M’s. And who can resist these patriotic-themed sugar cookies?

red white and buffet July 4th

Celebrate in Style: Red, White, and Blue Servingware and Decor

Here are some metallic patriotic red, white & blue plastic cups for drinks. Ceramic bowls can be filled with red, white, and blue candy. Scatter some 4th of July ornament balls and glitter stars to fill up space on the table.


Final Fireworks: Concluding Your Star-Spangled Party

There you have it—a red white and buffet July 4th party for all your family and friends. There is no mess at the end, and your table rod can be used for the next holiday celebration.

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