Signs from Heaven

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signs from heaven

Messages Received

By now, if you have read my blogs, you know I am a very spiritual person. Reincarnation, regression, metaphysics, karma, and mediums… I genuinely believe that if our minds and heart are open, we can receive signs from heaven.

There was a period of time where I was unwilling to share my belief that we can receive signs from heaven. I think I felt uncomfortable being that vulnerable. But having been asked if I experienced any signs from my deceased husband, I felt ready to share my accounts. Fast forward to my husband passing away. Several events reaffirmed my belief that we do receive signs.

The First Sign

A few nights after he died, my older sister stayed with me. Every morning for three consecutive days, as she came out of my room, the smoke alarm would beep and the lights in the hallway would flicker. We checked and replaced the batteries and the lightbulbs. Everything was in check. When she left my house after that week, the lights stopped flickering and the smoke alarm stopped beeping.

Honestly, I thought it strange but I don’t think I was in the right frame of mind to attribute this as him sending a sign from heaven. But that was until the next event that literally took my breath away.

Blown Away

To no surprise, I was not sleeping well. Since I was waking up at 4:30 a.m., I wrote my acknowledgment cards. My sister kept a list of what we had received. When I went to get the list, it was missing. I frantically looked in my home office and rummaged through my pile of papers. My next thought is I put it in my safe but I did not see it in there either.

I wrack my very exhausted brain and go back to possible places it could be. I decided to go back to the safe again. As I am frantically searching the safe, his gold wedding band pops into the air out of nowhere and lands on this exact list. I literally jumped back a few feet.

First, the ring was not the one he wore. Jewish law dictates that you get married in a smooth gold band, devoid of any engraving or gems, symbolizing the couple’s love and commitment to each other. The simple unbroken circle alludes to a marriage unmarred by conflict or distraction. Second, these rings were in the safe but not even in the same box. I am not the most organized person in the world, so there is no method to place jewelry and papers in the safe. It is a random organization guided by the space allotted.

My heart is racing a bit as I recount this is the second odd event since his passing. It reinforces my belief that he is sending me signs from heaven.

The Third Encounter

My third encounter came almost a year later. I received a call from a distant acquaintance. We knew little about each other but would certainly be able to carry on a conversation when we would run into one another.

She caught me completely off guard when explaining to me that she has medium abilities, something she has had her entire life. Then she told me my husband came to her and proceeded to share about 15 tidbits of information he had apparently told her.

Everything she shared was personal bits of information she could not have known nor looked up. This included his favorite museum, our wedding song, who he was with, as examples. He mentioned something to her that involved a conversation I had with my daughter a few days prior. I believe my mouth was hanging wide open during this telephone conversation and I was shaking.

While I unequivocally believe in mediums, I have never sought one out so the fact that he went to her was somewhat surprising. The only rationale I could surmise was that I had run into her a few weeks prior at a shopping center and we had a friendly conversation. Perhaps he knew she was a medium and since I had connected with her, he felt he could approach her.

Honestly, I do not question the wheres and the whys nor do I try to question them.

Another Strange Occurrence

And, finally, another strange occurrence took place when we went to Utah to spread some of his ashes. Park City was a family favorite winter destination so it was the perfect place. Going back to the medium, she mentioned that my husband had told her I had some travel coming up and also whispered the word Flagstaff.

On one of the days there, my sister and I went snowshoeing with a guide. I had made a random stop along the trail and when I looked down, there was a tree stump with the initials MW carved in it. Those were my husband’s initials. And, even more bizarre, the mountain we were facing was called Flagstaff.

signs from heaven

There have been no recent experiences as of late. My one takeaway is to keep an open mind and an open heart. Because of the past encounters, I choose to believe he is looking down at his daughters and me. Perhaps he is happy to see us getting back to living and laughing.

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