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Stay Up to Date on COVID Plans

Seems like finding the right COVID update in this unusual time is tricky. I don’t think I have ever used the word unprecedented as much as I have since this pandemic began. Actually, I don’t believe I ever used the word pandemic much either. However; it is real and regardless of what these unprecedented times have brought to you and your family, the fall semester will begin before we know it and it is important that we stay up to date on the latest update and procedures at IU.

At present, IU will remain in-person and online through November 20th. After Thanksgiving, classes will remain online until February 7th while administrators are communicating with government officials about necessary safety measures and health protocols for the return to campus. Updates change, well, frankly, like the wind, but here are some important parts.

Before going back to campus, IU is requiring several things that students must complete before arrival. Every single student that is heading back to school and living on campus is required to get a COVID test. This includes all dorm buildings, residence halls, IU-campus apartments, and greek housing. Students living off-campus are strongly encouraged to follow all safety measures and to get a test before arrival but it is not required.

For students living on campus, the COVID test must be completed within 10 days prior to their move-in date and COVID test results must be submitted to IU no later than students move-in date. As long as students’ tests are negative they are welcome to go back on campus, if they are positive then they must follow this proper protocol before returning to campus. There are a variety of on-campus testing options that students have to get COVID-19 testing. Upon arrival at Indiana University, all students must acknowledge and sign these student forms.

COVID-19 testing is available and encouraged. For those that decided to proceed at Indiana University despite that most classes are online, IU has a COVID-19 Virtual Clinic Screening where individuals in Bloomington can get tested without leaving their house. If students’ families move them in and want to get tested as well this is a great option for the entire family. The clinic will screen patients from home by simply using the IU Health Virtual Visit App. This is completely free and available for anyone in the Bloomington area.

Who has the answers?

General COVID questions can be answered. The following numbers may be useful as well:

And then there is the face mask part. Just wear it and encourage others to wear it too so we can just get to the end of this thing. IU is requiring all students to help by wearing masks and will provide masks to those that do not have one when coming to campus. We think that if your face covering is a bit more fashionable, it might not feel so awkward, so get a washable and fun one.

How Learning Happens

There is no doubt that the fall semester will look different starting with the new safety measures IU has put in place. Students will still be able to participate in organizations, clubs, events, and activities –most virtually and others in-person, and probably outdoors, using proper social distancing. Indoor fitness will be limited in capacity, but there will be virtual fitness options offered as well. As for football and tailgating…. well, it isn’t looking very good, but no decisions have been made yet.

Housing has reduced occupancy, implemented space and amenity restrictions, and increased cleaning and disinfecting. Fall courses are a mix of in-classroom, hybrid and online; select courses and labs, and experiential courses will be face-to-face; however, no face-to-face classes will take place after Thanksgiving. Any classes that do take place in classrooms will only have 25-50% capacity to limit the number of students, faculty, and assistants at any given time. International programs will not be offered this fall. Entry to buildings will be regulated and monitored.

Academic advising and support services for students will be available both face-to-face and remotely; intercollegiate athletics, including practices and competitions, will continue and follow NCAA and ACC requirements; and services such as parking, student recreation, student health, and student activities will be available. Fraternity and sorority life will be quite different, but it will still exist. Considering recruitment does not happen until springtime, we do not know how it will look yet but keep your eyes out for an update when we know.

You can find a more detailed look at Covid-19 Guidelines but don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the resources above with any questions. This is too important and we all want to remain safe and healthy. You may want to check out some of our other blogs to help get you through these unprecedented times. Yup, there’s that word again.

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