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Everyone Loves Sports

While the Indiana Hoosiers Football team is not always on top, some fans are quick to claim that IU is a Basketball school. I remember the thrill of attending my first basketball game as if it was yesterday and the goosebumps I felt when the pre-game hype video played. A student should definitely not limit themselves to attending one sporting event. It is to their advantage to explore all the sports that IU has to offer, I mean who wouldn’t want to support the Hoosiers.

What sports fans rave about IU is the free student tickets that are available for any home games for Baseball, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Women’s Basketball, and Wrestling, just show your IU student ID at the gate.  Basketball student tickets are available as a season ticket combo with football or individual on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to obtain tickets for any sporting event, a student can go to the official athletic website or call (812)855-4006. Or go here for tickets.

Be sure to check out the 2020 calendar blog for the baseball team’s schedule. For non-students, baseball tickets are available for purchase on  Stubhub for a low price.  Basketball games are played in the Simon Skjodt Assembly which has a seating capacity of 17,222 including court level seating and club level seating. Regular ticketing for men’s basketball tickets can be purchased by anyone. Keep in mind Basketball is a religion in Indiana and the fans get rowdy and it is an event not to be missed.

Unfortunately, in light of ongoing events, the school has canceled in 2020 the spring football game. The Simon Skjodt Assembly is a really nice facility that accommodates all visitors and their needs. The student section, known as the Crimson Guard, was formed in 2009. Those who are age 21 or older can purchase alcohol and watch the basketball game, or in fact any event, that is going on.

As far as what you can bring to The Simon Skjodt Assembly, you must abide by the clear bag policy like other athletic venues.  Under this restriction, each fan is allowed one clear bag (or clutch or small purse). A small purse, clutch, or wallet must be 4.5” x 6 or smaller in order to be cleared. Clear plastic, vinyl or PVC that are no larger than 12” x 6” x 12” is approved. Looking for some clear bags with style? Check out Score Gameday bags and use the code HUH15 for a 15% discount.

Of course, there are also Men’s and Women’s Sports – Basketball, Track-n-Field, Tennis, Softball, Rowing, Soccer, Water Polo and Golf too. The Sporting Season doesn’t end with Football so be sure to go to check out some of these events all year round! Here are the various schedules, but if you are looking for something in particular, we have broken it down:

Of course, remember to check out our Gameday Fashion blog with great recommendations and Fanatics – showing your school spirit is part of the fun of sports.

I wouldn’t stress if you decide to attend a game last minute, there are many options that one can obtain a ticket. Students often post on Facebook pages that they are selling or giving away their tickets. Like most college sporting events, there will always be scalpers outside the venue, someone who resells tickets to make a quick profit. If you’re lucky enough, you might even be able to get it at no charge!

Here is the 2020 Hoosier Football schedule.

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