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Campus Guide to Resources for African American Students

Campus diversity amongst students has grown considerably over the years and UCF vies to maintain an inclusive atmosphere; allowing all students to gain exposure, perceptions, global awareness, and a willingness to collaborate peacefully and freely. Whether serving as a forum for communication, helping minority students build strong social networks, or simply in pursuit of a welcoming space amongst other students of color; UCF undoubtedly has a place where you will find your connections.

Firstly, the Black Student Union proposes to serve as the official voice for the black community at UCF. Their main goals are to create appropriate programming, promote communication, and collaborate with other organizations. Meetings are generally held twice a month in the Student Union, Room 224.

The Black Faculty and Staff Association is an organization to promote cultural sensitivity and enrichment through programming, networking, and guidance. Part of their programs includes the Legacy Leadership and Mentoring that supports first-year Black/African American students. Students may also find scholarship opportunities through the BFSA.

Among the organizations, clubs, and groups on campus, students may also be interested in joining one of the sororities or fraternities. The following are part of the nine largest historically African American Greek-letter fraternities and sororities.

There are still many other organizations dedicated to celebrating and empowering students of color at UCF:

  • Black Female Development Circle – a support system for black women devoted to empowering each other through their college experience, leadership opportunities, events, and socials.
  • Caribbean Student Association – fosters a cultural bridge between the Caribbean and the United States, while providing ways for students to celebrate their heritage and stay connected to their traditions.
  • Jamaican Student Association – JSA’s mission is to foster, encourage, celebrate, and educate individuals on the rich and dynamic Jamaican culture.
  • NAACP at UCF – (The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) provides young people with personal and leadership development training with the goal of advancing the economic, social, and political status of black people and people of color.
  • NSBE UCF – (The National Society of Black Engineers) focused on increasing the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.
  • Progressive Black Men Incorporated – PBM’s purpose is to reconstruct and redefine the image of the black male through volunteer work, humanitarian aid, and professional development.
  • SISTUHS Incorporated – fosters the personal growth and development of black women through its core principles of strength, initiative, spirituality, tenacity, unity, health, and substance. SISTUHS members engage in community service, education, political activism, and the association of people. The group is also the sister organization to PBM.

UCF strives to be sure all their students feel supported. In response to recent events, as well as in an effort to prevent injustices and uphold UCF’s mission for a diverse and inclusive environment where all feel safe and welcome; they have created a list of organizations, departments, and services available to all Knights. Some organizations for students of color are sponsored by professional societies, while others focus on diversity, mentoring, networking, college achievement, and other types of support. UCF undoubtedly has a place where every student will find their connections.

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