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Living Off-Campus.

Here are our best tips for rentals at UCF. With each of my kids, I have three, not one stayed in the dorms beyond their freshman year. My youngest considered staying in the Towers next year, because she loves the location so much. However, with the new lottery system for dorms, she didn’t want to risk not getting the dorm she wanted next year and recently signed a lease to live off campus. The choices are plentiful. Below are some of the more popular apartment complexes students live in near UCF. Some provide buses to campus (which can be important since parking on campus can be a nightmare), some have facilities that rival a fancy hotel (pools, hot tubs, volleyball courts, lounges), some provide reserved parking spots for a fee, some are gated and provide constant security and all have various options from studios to 4 bedrooms. Prices vary and generally go up slightly each year. The rent for many complexes depends on how early in the year you sign a lease. Many will also help find a student to fill a vacant room if need be. Wi-Fi is generally included in rent, but utilities are not. Be sure to check all these things before making a decision.

We tried to stick with the important things like security and furniture, rather than tanning beds and lit volleyball courts if you know what we mean, but some of the amenities are pretty impressive.

University House – this is where my daughter will be living next year in a four bedroom, four bathroom apartment (they also have townhouses). The location to campus is excellent and they do provide shuttles. The parking garage is only accessible to students that live there. Reserved parking is available for a fee. Prices vary based on the size of the apartment (it is less expensive to live in a four bedroom than a studio, for instance). Here are the most recent prices:  

    • A 4×4 is $765/month
    • A 3×3 is $785.month
    • A 2×2 is $815/month
    • A 1×1 is $1190/month
    • A studio is $1055/month

Science Drive – prices are comparable to others but slightly lower than University House, for instance. Students we spoke with that live there now say all good things about living there. Their prices recently changed: $729/month for a 4×4 lease, $799/month for a 3 x 3.

Boardwalk – hasn’t been updated lately, which could be why it is less expensive than some of the others. Students say that their management and maintenance hasn’t been the best since they lived there. The apartments are rather spacious though. It is located less than a mile from campus and has a shuttle.

Plaza – is one of the most expensive and newer complexes. The location can’t be beat; located on top of the Plaza shopping center which has many restaurants, shops and is very near campus. For a fee students can get their own parking spot, which is highly recommended because parking can be abominable. The gym and pool are amazing. Plaza prices-

  • 4 by 4- $789/month
  • 4 by 4 with a pool view- $804/month
  • 3 by 3- $819/month
  • 3 by 3 pool view- $834/month
  • 2 by 2- $879/month
  • 2 by 2 pool view- $894/month

The Retreat – has fabulous amenities (yes, that includes a tanning bed) and can be somewhat costly, but we hear, you get what you pay for. They have apartments as large as 6 bedrooms, which may help to keep the cost down. The location is ok (some consider it walking distance), but the traffic in that area can be heavy at times. Pet-friendly. Here are the most recent prices:

    • 6 bedroom/6.5 bath starts at $685
    • 5 bedroom starts at $705
    • 4 bedroom- starts at $765
    • 3 bedroom- starts at $810
    • 2 bedroom- starts at $865

The Station – brand new student townhouses (that are similar to the Retreat). The Station has a great pool, gym and study room that is becoming one of the most popular apartments off campus for students.

Knights Circle – are right across from campus and have good security. The maintenance was questionable last year, but perhaps it has improved.

The Pointe – is gated, has a shuttle to campus and claims to be walking distance to Waterford Lakes mall, but is one of the least expensive apartment complexes. Note: the bedrooms do not provide ceiling lights so you will have to bring your own.

Hub on Campus – UCF’s newest apartment complex that is now leasing is located on E. Colonial Drive down the street from campus. This is one of those luxury style apartments with a sundeck, volleyball courts, fitness room, sauna, on-demand fitness trainer and classes, a tanning salon and a yoga room. They have private study rooms & a conference center, a coffee bar and a game room too. Even the bathrooms in each apartment feature bluetooth showerhead speakers. While the rent includes cable, internet, water, trash & electric, keep in mind the electric is capped so if you go over that amount, you will be charged the difference. Prices start at $785 and go up from there.

Northview – Super close to campus, part of UCF housing, therefore there are RA’s. They have 2 story apartments. It just is a little expensive, but it is very clean. Some say it is underrated.

Arden Villas – is another apartment complex right on University drive- not too expensive but students need to furnish it themselves.

Northgate Lakes – is super close to UCF. Here are the most recent prices:  4 bedroom/ 2 bath- $695/month, 4 bedroom/ 4 bath- $794/month, 3 bedroom/ 2 bath- $715/month, 3 bedroom/ 3 bath- $660/month. Pet friendly

As the weeks go by, apartment prices increase lilittleby litle, so the sooner you sign a lease, the more cost efficient it can be.

Most these apartments come furnished and are gated communities. These are, however, just some of the more popular off-campus complexes UCF students seem to flock to. There are many more.

There are quite a few websites to help find an apartment. For instance, check out forrentuniversity.com. By typing in your university it will guide you to available apartments. You may want to check out apartmentguide.com, ucf.offcampuspartners.com or 407apartments.com as well.

Renting houses is becoming extremely popular. They dont have a shuttle or furniture sometimes, but sometimes hundreds of dollars cheaper.

Opening in the fall of 2019 is UnionWest, UCF’s new student resident community at UCF Downtown and Valencia College Downtown at Creative Village. UnionWest is a 15-story building with student residences, restaurants, student services, classrooms and amenities. UCF recommends this for students in the following programs:

  • Communication
  • Digital Media
  • Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy
  • Legal Studies
  • Health Management and Informatics
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Public Administration
  • Research Administration
  • Urban & Regional Planning
  • Emergency and Crisis Management
  • Public Affairs

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