Searching for Scholarships to Help Pay the Way!

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Congratulations on Your Child Being Accepted!

Now that that’s settled, the idea of actually paying for college looms.  Hopefully, you have prepared in some way but fear not. Finding scholarships can help with the cost of college.

If you live in Florida and have purchased a Florida Prepaid plan, then that will start working for you immediately.  Bright Futures Scholarships have also been a goal while in high school, and if earned, they will apply once your student has started.

Every year, I hear stories about thousands of dollars in scholarship money that are never applied for.  It does take a lot of work and time to research scholarships, apply for them, and to validate the authenticity of them.  But, that work can pay off at a reduced cost to you. Some are quite competitive, some last for four years, and some are downright silly, but pay for something.  Some scholarships require essays and believe it or not, those are the ones most avoided; therefore, have the least amount of people applying. Don’t steer away from these; seek help with the essay instead. It is also recommended to apply for any scholarships as early as possible and be sure to have your FAFSA form completed beforehand.

Scholarships Starting Place

Below we address the scholarship opportunities through UCF. Read our blog on actual scholarships that are available to all students here. To learn about other scholarship opportunities, make sure you read our blog on Searching for Scholarships.

UCF has a lot of scholarships you can apply for. Check the college that you are under and see what is listed. They’re very easy to apply for as well; you only need a few things including a cover letter, reference letter, and a transcript of your grades. For instance, Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Dining Scholarship Applications is now open! 6 scholarships will be awarded to students for fall 2019 and spring 2020 semesters. Each scholarship is worth $4,180.

For (many) additional scholarship information at UCF, click here. Deadlines vary; the first in mid-July. Scholarships are constantly being updated. Students can log in and apply here.

UCF Panhellenic has a scholarship contest once a semester for a new member and an older sister. Click here for an application and additional information. The scholarship application will reopen in September.

For students traveling abroad: Submit an essay of about 1000 words about why they selected their study-abroad program and the effect they hope it to have on their academic, personal, and career goals. Students must also submit a letter of recommendation. The deadline is August 12 and students can apply through the UCF A20 academic scholarships website.

Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving Scholarship applications open until March 29, 2020.
Applications are now available on A2O: Access to Opportunities

Nicholson School has moved its Scholarships to A20 – Scholarships Available For Students to Apply March 1st – March 31st.

The A20 Scholarship platform now houses ALL of the Nicholson School’s scholarships that are specifically for our students.

Here Are the Tell-Tale Signs of a Scholarship Scam:

  • Guarantee of a Scholarship – No company or organization can guarantee the receipt of a scholarship, especially before an application is submitted.
  • Advanced Fees – There is no reason to pay upfront for a scholarship search since there are a number of free resources online.
  • Financial Information – Bank account or credit card information is not required by legitimate scholarship grantors.
  • High-Pressure Sales Tactics – No matter how much the promoter claims you can receive, don’t give in to pressure to sign up for any product or service immediately. Ask for written information and then research the company and the product before committing to any contract or payment.
  • Dodging the Question – If you receive vague or evasive answers to your questions, this is a big red flag. Walk away.
  • We have found Goingmerry.com as a reliable scholarship resource website.

Consider creating a separate email address just to be used for scholarships. Some scholarship websites sell your email information to third party companies. This will allow you to keep your personal email address and your .edu email address private.

Finally, we have found some other great scholarship opportunities for students that you can read about here. Below are a few new ones that recently became available:

**Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving Scholarship applications DEADLINE EXTENDED until April 12, 2020 (midnight).

Florida Executive Women Scholarship Deadline: 4/24/2020, Amount: $3000

Chicago UCF Alumni Scholarship  Deadline: 3/29/2020, Amount: Varies

Nicholson School has moved its Scholarships to A20 – Scholarships Available For Students to Apply March 1st – March 31st. Students should complete the General Scholarship Application for this year to be considered for scholarships throughout the year. Should you have any questions or concerns about the scholarships, please contact Nicholson Advising at nassc@ucf.edu.

For: College of Arts and Humanities students

Charles N. & Frances Millican Scholarship – senior serving in a leadership role

Jack & Monica Thorsen Veteran Scholarship – any class standing, served in the U.S. Military

Phoenix Scholarship – non-traditional student, junior class standing

St. Onge Family Leadership Endowed Scholarship – undergrad, sophomore or junior class standing serving in a leadership role

UCF Alumni Legacy Scholarship – undergrad, any class standing, parent/grandparent/legal guardian are UCF graduates

Amy G. Buchman, ’95, Memorial Endowed Scholarship – any class standing, permanent resident of Tampa Bay area.

College of Business Administration Alumni Chapter Scholarship – junior, senior or graduate student class standing enrolled in the College of Business Administration

Debbie K. Phillis Space Coast UCF Alumni Chapter Endowed Scholarship – any class standing, permanent resident of Brevard County in Florida

Dr. William K. Grasty Memorial Scholarship – undergrad, junior or senior in the Nicholson School of Communication

Lee A. Dumas Memorial Endowed Scholarship – any class standing, permanent resident of Volusia/Flagler counties in Florida

UCF Regional Alumni Chapter/Club Scholarships:

Jacksonville UCF Alumni Club Scholarship – any class standing, permanent resident of

Duval, Clay, St. Johns or Nassau counties in Florida

Southeast Florida Knights Scholarship – any class standing, permanent resident of Dade or Broward counties in Florida, preference to those who are incoming freshman

Tampa Bay Knights Legacy Scholarship – any class standing, permanent resident of the Tampa Bay Area, preference to those whose parent/grandparent/legal guardian are UCF graduates

UCF Downtown Scholarship – Must major in a program of study offered at UCF Downtown

Email scholarships@ucfalumni.com or call 407.823.2586 for further questions.

FPRA Dr. Bob Davis Roast & Toast Scholarship – The deadline for the FPRA Dr. Bob Davis Roast & Toast Scholarship applications is RE-OPENING and has extended to April 27, 2020. To apply for the scholarship, students must create an account with Access2Opportunity (A2O)

If your students are lucky enough to land a scholarship (or a few), it is highly recommended that they write a thank you note to the donor.

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