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Here are Ways to Beat Stress at School

Stress. It happens to all of us, including our kids. As though a full schedule and trying to maintain a social life isn’t enough to cause a little anxiety, now our students have completed mid-terms and before you know it will be preparing for finals. Fortunately, UCF is on top of it, offering various programs, workshops, training, and suggestions; most of which are free to our Knights.

UCF presents a variety of Wellness Workshops that are free to registered students using their NID and NID password.  One 45 minutes to an hour workshop is called A New Perspective: Stress and How to Manage It. I imagine most of our kids can use this one. They also offer events specifically for stress management. There is quite a list ranging from Taking Charge of Social Anxiety to Paws-A-Tively Stress-Free, which uses human-animal interactions to help reduce stress (it really works). Check out the list here.

UCF students can also engage in Online Relaxation Training. There are five downloadable techniques including breathing, muscle relaxation, autogenics and guided imagery offered to help the user learn and practice relaxation techniques designed to manage stress.

More Ways

Check out Breathe2Relax, a portable stress management tool which provides information on the effects of stress on the body, instructions and practice exercises to help users learn the stress management skill called diaphragmatic breathing. It is available on iTunes and Google Play. Students can also visit the nearest Relaxation Station, a FREE walk-in service available to all students, during regular business hours. Simply clip the HeartMath sensor to your ear and then connect it to an Ipad or iPhone (iPads are provided or you can use your own Apple device). Check here for hours and to find the nearest Relaxation Station on campus (there are about six). Students can also listen to various podcasts through UCF CAPS Mental Health Minute. They pertain to various subjects that may cause stress throughout the school year.

HaveuHeard that UCF also offers a Biofeedback Program, a relaxation training program? Biofeedback is a one-on-one counselor assisted training program which educates students on how to implement relaxation techniques that work them individually. Six sessions are recommended (and if paid upfront it is $50, otherwise it is $10 a session.)
Counseling is always available to students Monday through Friday as well. To find out how to get started with counseling on campus click here.

There are, of course, the regular standbys, like using the amazing fitness facilities on campus. My daughter has taken up paddle-boarding in the lake on campus when she needs to release a little tension. Amongst many other classes, there are plenty of yoga and meditation classes on or near campus as well.  To learn more about the fitness options at UCF check out our blog on Staying Fit while at school.

You can also remind your students of the basics rules of preventing stress like eating well and getting enough sleep, avoiding procrastination, and staying away from stimulants (drinking coffee and energy drinks to fuel late-night study binges can inevitably lead to a crash later on).  Of course, setting realistic expectations is also wise, but they may have stopped listening by the word procrastination. It is obvious that UCF really cares about our Knights and realizes that their lives, like everyone else, can get stressful. The key is learning to work through it.

Please note that UCF is particularly in tune with the stress finals may bring about and they offer events like:

  • November 27, 2018 – Finals Exam Prep at 4 pm in the Live Oak Ballroom to help prepare for the stress of finals.
  • December 6, 2018- Yoga Under the Stars at 9 pm on Memory Mall

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