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Finding a good place to study is very important for students.

 However, they all need a few other options for good places to study. Fortunately, there are quite a few places to study on and off the UCF campus. My son closes his bedroom door in his apartment and puts on headphones to study.  My daughter likes to study in the laundry room, perhaps it is the idea of getting two things done at once or the whir of the machines that block out distractions.

On campus, the most obvious would be one of the four libraries. Be sure to check the hours as they tend to extend hours as it gets closer to finals, but presently the hours are as follows:

John C. Hitt Library – 7:30 am to 1 am – The 4th floor is the silent floor, but keep in mind that due to constant construction it may not be as silent as you are looking for. Students can rent computers, chargers, headphones on the 2nd floor.

Rosen Library – 8 am to 9 pm

CMC Library – 7:45 am to 9 pm

Health and Science Library – 8 am to 5 pm

Occasionally hours and different sections of the libraries vary. Check the hours here.

The noise level varies by the floor at each library and although this may seem the logical place to study, it isn’t always the best choice.

Study rooms for large group study sessions require a reservation.

Here are more ideas:
Chemistry Building – more specifically in the Atrium. The noise level is low and there isn’t much congestion.

Performing Arts Building – Check out the red globe seats. When nothing is going on there, which is most of the time, it is extremely quiet and usually empty.

Nicholson School of Communications building – The walls are lined with built-in desk/chair and plenty of outlets. This is not the place to study in a group.

The Union – more specifically the 3rd floor, but seating is limited and therefore coveted. The Union is the center of activity on campus, but still, a good place to study.

Technology Commons – There is a big study area. There is also is a place to rent computers, iPads, etc. and have theirs looked at if it is given them trouble.

All Knight Study – There are two locations in Ferrell Commons or by the Arena. There is express printing with short lines there too, which can be a great time saver. The AKS near the arena has a soundproof room and big tables for group study. 

Barnes and Noble Book Store – There is a small lounge area and a new coffee store that replaces Starbucks called Foxtail Coffee. Here you will find large tables and high top bars. Incredible coffee and a large vegan pastry section along with other good study snacks and quick bites. Gets a little loud sometimes but very good.

Courtyard at the Burnett Honors College – Hidden behind bushes and tucked away behind the Student Union, this quiet outdoor space is a gem (if the weather is good).

Trevor Colbourn Building – this new building has amazing study spaces and is very quiet and open. Fast becoming a favorite amongst students.

Millican Hall – More specifically, the second floor, is quiet and has big, floor-to-ceiling windows facing the Reflection Pond and library. Seating is limited.

The Reflection Pond – On a beautiful day this is a popular place to chill and study.

Lake Claire Nature Trail – has hidden tables on the trail. It is a great way to get away and study outside. (My daughter may not be pleased that I am sharing this one because it is one of her favorites and space is limited.)

Empty classrooms – Yes, some are left unlocked. This was my favorite place to study in college.

The Teaching Academy – is also very popular and a quiet place to study.

Dorm study lounges – Most dorms have study rooms.

The computer lab in CB1 on the first floor is usually empty and spacious with desktops.

Anywhere you can find two trees – Many students have Eno Hammocks that are easily set up and provide a comfortable place to read and study. Check out the area behind the Counseling Center or the Memory Mall. By the way, “hammocking” is said to also relieve stress, so it is a win-win situation.
Starbucks – There are quite a few on campus, but none take rewards.

Foxtail in the bookstore is a great new spot.

While studying on campus should they need a quick bite here is a list of where they can eat. 

Most of these are coffee and tea shops. The big tables make it a great place for group study. These are not the place if you are planning a very long study session.

Pop Parlor – is a great place if you want a coffee (and ice cream) shop atmosphere while you study.

Coffee Factory and Café – in Waterford Plaza.

Vespr Coffee Bar – also in Waterford Plaza.

Starbucks – in Waterford Plaza.

Duo 58 – located in Oviedo.

Foxtail Coffee – opening on University, next to Wawa! Now not only do is there one at school, but also one off campus which will be bigger and have bigger better tables for studying.

Stardust – in Winter Park, so they will need transportation. There is a huge study area that I hear is amazing.

Coffee Factory – which, by the way, has a rewards system, so if you keep going back be sure to ask at the register.

Apartment complexes – a majority of off-campus apartments have study rooms.

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