Do-Good Brands to Do Good By

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do-good brands

From Cause-Related to Socially Conscious

My first awareness of do-good brands that support social issues was Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. I was too young to be impressed with anything other than their amazing ice cream but since their onset, they have adhered to their mission while still making amazing ice cream. Today, I am keenly aware of the social issues that brands get behind. One need only look at their social media pages or even their websites. Companies that are public leave a whole trail of documentation from PAC’s to charities they support.

And if there was any doubt, social media can make a brand or be the bane of a brand’s existence. I have learned about some great artisans and do-good brands through influencers on Instagram, Facebook, LiketoKnowIt, and even TikTok (my daughters share videos with me). I attribute my new found interest in supporting artisans and socially-conscious businesses primarily to my daughters who are quite vocal about social issues. TBH, I’m proud that they feel so passionate about issues that impact our world. I am equally supportive of the do-good brands they recommend. Now when I am shopping locally or from the better-known brands, I now make myself aware of how they are contributing to the community, the causes I support.

Hindsight is 2020

2020 opened many of our eyes to how companies were treating their employees, helping out and giving back to their communities, and contributing to the greater good. I have nothing against companies making money at all but I strongly believe that businesses should be supporting the very people that made them successful. And, during the past year when so many of us have had difficulties, I donated money to charities that I felt connected to or purchased from do-good brands.

Naturally, consumers are smart enough to recognize and call out businesses that are disingenuous. In other words, if you are going to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk. I, for one, will continue to put my money behind companies and do-good brands that provide equal opportunity employment and treat their employees fairly, that give back to their community whether it is through in-kind donations or monetarily, and that does not discriminate based on the basis of race, color, origin, sex, religion or age. That is my litmus test; perhaps yours will be different.

It is becoming an even more complicated issue lately as today more people add politics to their litmus test; in other words, if a company knowingly supports a candidate that you or I don’t, will that change your view of purchasing from them? I am still working through these issues because it is somewhat complicated to judge an entire company on just the owner’s opinions. What if it is a company that may do good in their community? Does that change the narrative?

Here Are A Few of My Favorite Things

In the meantime, I have some of my favorites. Some are do-good brands and some sell products that make you feel good.

Bombas socks – I’ve been WFH and working out at home for most of 2020. My wardrobe has mainly been joggers and I always wear my sneakers with these socks. What I like about their socks, besides the quality, is they donate to those who are experiencing homelessness.

Do-good brands

Photo by Bombas IG

Causebox – This curated subscription box is filled with some amazing products from brands that are ethical and sustainable. My first introductory box was only $25 and came with a satin pillowcase, truffle therapy face toner, a beautiful two-toned cardigan, a planner, and reusable zip pouches.

do-good brands


FEED – On a trip to NY several years ago, I discovered their store in Brooklyn (in the heart of DUMBO – that’s Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass – it is a really fun area to walk around and shop). I loved that any purchase went toward fighting childhood hunger. During that visit, I bought a small crossbody bag and some of their bracelets. This year, I bought myself their Big Carryall, which is the perfect bag for trips to the Farmers Market, their packable Zip Tote, and some bracelets to give as stocking stuffers – all in all, my purchase represented 50 school meals for children around the world and in America as well as supporting the Food Bank for NYC to support the Green Sidewalks Program.

do-good brands

Photo from FEED IG

GT’s Kombucha – Again, I owe my adding kombucha to my daily diet to my daughters. It is definitely an acquired taste so I usually stick to flavors such as Watermelon Wonder, Strawberry Lemonade, California Citrus. I love the story behind the brand

Do-good brands

Photo by GT’S Kombucha IG

Hooray for Sundays T-Shirt–  I purchased this tee for my daughters and myself from Maria Shriver’s website with 50% of proceeds going toward the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. The Hooray For …  line was created by Anna Kloots and Amanda Kloots and gives back to various causes.

Hydroflask – As a former user of plastic water bottles, I am a convert to being more environmentally conscious. I love my Hydroflask (although it is a little heavy) because it keeps my water cold and is BPA-free, phthalate-free, and made of stainless steel.

Do-good brands

Photo courtesy of Hydroflask IG

Kema Home Shop Moss Wall Art

I discovered moss wall art at a Farmer’s Market and fell in love with the dimensional aspect of his work. He can do custom work; I had this heart sign, and a peace sign, designed for my home office.

Little Words Project – You can custom make your own (my daughter got me the pink agate stone with white blocks last year with my 2020 word and this year I bought myself the Stone Snowflake in Gold. They also offer a unisex collection

Mad Hippie – This skincare company is free from parabens, petrochemicals, animal ingredients, GMOs, Phthalates, SLS Synthetic Dye, Perfume PEGs, and Silicone. They donate $1 of every web sale to conservation. I love their Vitamin C serum which I usually purchase from Whole Foods.

Photo from Mad Hippie IG

Mosaic Foods – I recently tried Mosaic Foods for the first time. What tempted me about this meal kit company is they are plant-based foods that are frozen and there is no prep or cleanup. These are perfect meals for when you want to take a break from cooking or if you don’t like to cook but like to eat healthily.  The frozen meals take about 5 minutes to microwave or a little longer if you choose to cook them on the stovetop. Another must on my list of factors that are important is the amount of protein in the meals. While their sugar and fat content falls within a reasonable range, some of the meals were a little higher than I would have liked. It’s a trade-off because I am unwilling to sacrifice protein and I avoid foods laden with preservatives.
First, can I say I have never been an oatmeal person at all but I loved their Golden Milk & Black Oat. What I loved more was I started my day having 10 grams of protein. I also tried their North African Veggies & Couscous, Black-Eyed Pea & Sweet Potato Ndambe, Coconut Chickpea Curry, and Jackfruit Chili. These frozen foods are a great alternative for vegetarians and vegans. Another plus is they source their fresh veggies, hearty whole grains, and perfectly-ripe fruits from farms and distributors.
Another plus? I’m a huge advocate of Do-Good brands which is why I also like Mosaic. For every Mosaic box sold, they work with the non-profit City Harvest to rescue 2 pounds of nutritious food and distribute it to New Yorkers in need. Additionally, their packaging is 100% recyclable.
Do Good
Photo by Mosaic Foods IG
MOSH– Founded by Patrick Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, this mission-driven health and wellness brand donates a percentage of sales from their Mosh protein bars to fund women-based Alzheimer’s research. The bars are made using seven superfood ingredients and nutrients including lion’s mane, ashwagandha, MCT’s, omega-3s, collagen, vitamins B12 and D3—all ingredients that have been shown to nourish the brain. I tried them when they first launched and I will say they definitely keep you full so it’s a great meal replacement. Unfortunately, they did sell out and have had difficulty with supply chain issues. I just placed a pre-ship order with shipments being sent in mid-December.

My Intent Bracelets -I had seen a story about their products about five years ago. They take any word or phrase and hand stamp it on a bracelet (or you can buy the kit and make your own). The premise is that the word you pick will inspire you or give you strength. I’ve been buying them for my girlfriends as New Year’s gifts since.

Photo by My Intent IG

Omsum – I was introduced to this company in 2020 on the Today Show. They make Asian flavors that you can add to various recipes… my starter box had the Lemongrass BBQ, Thai Larb, + Filipino Sisig, all Vietnamese flavors. Since I do not eat pork, I substituted different proteins including Impossible™ meat, seafood or tofu. They’ve added on more flavors since I purchased their starter kit but if you are a fan of Asian flavors, I’d definitely recommend their products.

Voluspa Candles – You will find one of their candles in almost every room in my house. Handcrafted in California, they come in these beautiful reusable containers. Made with locally-sourced ingredients. My daughters and I love the Baltic Amber scent.

Photo by Voluspa Candles IG

What are your favorites?

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