Life is Complicated

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Life, To Put It Simply, Is Complicated

Life is Complicated, from raising children to running a company, and everything in between, there are always twists and turns. My business partner and I are the creators of the blog HaveUHeard. HaveUHeard provided insider information from current students and parents; a been there, done that approach. By using trusted sources, we created a one-stop place for other parents to have a virtual village. I learned that it is not only College that is Complicated but Life is Complicated too.

For our college section, each university on HaveUHeard had a mom, and student blogger. They brought their own personal experiences and provided practical real-life advice about each university and the surrounding community. Each university has its own nuances. Parents genuinely appreciate input and sharing of ideas, tips, and recommendations. For parents, it truly takes a village when it comes to learning about college life.

HaveUHeard What to Do During A Pandemic?

But then, just like that, students went home for the summer and colleges went virtual. Our website is based on parents’ prior experience. The one thing none of our moms or interns had experience with was “HaveUHeard what to do during a pandemic?” None of us had an answer as we faced this unchartered territory. We were just as perplexed as everyone else when it came to navigating college life during a pandemic. So we added blogs from our academic advisor, our Licensed Clinical Psychologist, our published author, our resident college essay consultant, and from moms and students navigating this pandemic. We lightened it up with blogs on current trends amongst college students (charcuterie, who knew?) and of course our holiday gift guides.


In late 2020, we made the tough decision to change from College is Complicated to Life is Complicated. Believe me, this decision did not come lightly. We worked with the most remarkable moms and bright interns. And we could see the growth in our analytics. But life is complicated and we could not foresee when the pandemic would end and how we would revise all of the blogs.

I decided to stay on as a solo blogger and share my personal HaveUHeard moments. Perhaps this pandemic taught me how to uncomplicate my life. Or that as much as having daughters in college was complicated, life after college can be complicated too.

I’ve learned that life is a learning experience. It does not exist in a vacuum and it does get complicated. Losing my spouse unexpectedly was very complicated. Figuring out what my next journey would be, complicated. Caring for an aging parent is very complicated. But I have tried to find ways to not let life get me down or frustrated and to appreciate all the little joys in life.

This is what I share with you… insider information, tips, recommendations, and personal, perhaps sometimes raw, stories about my journey to uncomplicate my life and reclaim my happiness.

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