Do You Have Foot Pain?

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foot pain

It May Be Plantar Fasciitis

Many of us are going outdoors during the pandemic to safely exercise. I am fortunate to live in South Florida. My community has a wonderful walking/running system.  About one month into my daily 3 mile walks, I had foot pain in the heals of both feet. I have had plantar fasciitis in the past and suspected that was what it was. But, the mistake I made was continuing to walk on the pavement every day trying to power through the pain.

What Does Plantar Fasciitis Feel Like

The type and location of the pain vary. Mine was in my heels and the side of my foot.  I could barely put pressure on my foot so severe was the pain. It feels like sharp, stabbing pain near the heel. Because my feet were not stretched during the evening, the mornings were the worse. I did what many of us do and googled home remedies. Between Google and TikTok, I found several exercises.

foot pain foot pain

The plantar muscle runs down the center of your foot. It is basically inflammation of the tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. Plantar fasciitis is very common. HaveUHeard there are more than 3 million cases per year? It is usually self-treatable, self-diagnosable. After four months of pain and still not seeing enough improvement, I did seek medical advice.

I ordered a splint that would stretch the foot. I rolled a tennis ball around the foot to loosen the inflammation. I took anti-inflammatories. Other suggestions include freezing a water bottle and rolling it along the bottom of the foot.

Luckily, I did not have any additional foot issues after having the foot x-rayed. My podiatrist told me they are seeing an enormous increase in plantar fasciitis during the pandemic as more and more people took to walking and running outside.

Naturally, I had to stop my daily walks. One thing about plantar fasciitis is that it has to heal on its own Some of us heal quickly. The first time I had plantar fasciitis about 10 or more years ago, I wore a boot 24-7 and it healed quickly. Wearing a boot is not comfortable and during the night, I would pull it off.

This time, it was not healing. I switched to supportive shoes. The ones I would recommend are Vionic and Birkenstocks.

Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis Syndrome

Now, I do the stretches the doctor gave me.  The doctor also recommends using ice (I prefer a frozen water bottle). If the pain is very severe, as was mine, you can use Voltaren gel. Additionally, I use orthotics in all of my shoes for further support. I am using Prolatus insoles. They make different insoles for different shoes- boots with heels, boots without heels, converse, flat sneakers without the insoles, shoes with the insoles. As for sandals, I am afraid I will have to stick with my Birkenstocks and avoid the flat, trendy sandals.

In conclusion, my advice to people who have plantar fasciitis is to listen to your body. If I had done that instead of trying to power through the pain, perhaps would have not exasperated the situation and healed faster.

Let me know any tips you have or if my tips help you!

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