Hanukkah Decor 2022

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Hanukkah decor

Hanukkah Past

I’ve just completed my Hanukkah Decor 2022. I love decorating for Hanukkah. I mean, I go all out. A silver, blue & gold Hanukkah tree complete with Hanukkah ornaments and stockings. As a person who identifies as Jewish, the decision is complicated. Up until 2012, I would have not entertained the thought of a Hanukkah tree.

I grew up with an extended family that had a Christmas tree. And we always helped decorate. It was about the joy it emitted with no religious undertones. But we never had much when it came to decorating for Hanukkah.

In 2012, I saw the most beautiful Hanukkah tree at a local boutique. After sending a photo to my fam, and having many discussions, we got a small tree. It felt strange. And, it did not look anything like I envisioned.

Hanukkah Tree Take Two

My daughters temporarily moved in with me during the pandemic. Yes, that year when the world came to a screeching halt. It was a complicated year not being able to celebrate holidays with our entire family. My girls asked if we could have a tree. My thought was, we can all use an extra dose of joy so why not. The only caveat was it would incorporate Judaic symbols and be blue, gold & silver. I add more items every year. My decorations go up right after Thanksgiving.  Who wants to welcome the joy of the holidays for only eight days?

Hanukkah Present

Finding modern Hanukkah decor is complicated. Most retailers like Michael’s, JoAnns, HomeGoods, Target, and Walmart sell the customary, albeit sometimes clichéd, decorations. Menorahs, dreidels, and Jewish stars are certainly symbols representing the holiday. And the stores put them on everything from hand towels to mugs. When decorating my home, I prefer other options. Yes, the menorah is the centerpiece.

Our Hanukkah Table Decor Theme

This year’s theme is more of a vintage Hanukkah table. I added this beautiful Spode Judaica Menorah which pairs well with my chinoiserie-inspired decor. This is the one piece I invested in because it will last forever. It is on sale at the link but Macy’s carries it too so grab your coupons.

Hanukkah decor

The runner is a Navy Blue 10 ft. Gauze Cheesecloth Table Runner. I used Ashland String Lights Banyan Leaf down the center of the garland. In the center, I filled a gold-tiered basket with Chinoiserie Chic Inspired Christmas Ornaments and blue and gold ornaments I purchased last year. You can find similar ones at Michaels and HomeGoods.  I am also loving this lighted garland with blue and silver ornaments.

Hanukkah decor

Scattered across the table were gold dreidels and ornaments.

My new additions include Star of David Blue Palette Votive Holders. They hold standard tealight candles. For added dimension, I include a set of 3 candle stick holders in brass gold adding in blue tapered candles.

Hanukkah Decor

Hanging on the wall you will see the Star of David botanical which I bought last year.

Hanukkah decor

Hanukkah Place Settings

I am a big believer in upcycling so most of the table settings I had from prior Jewish holidays or reordered disposables. They include:

Sophistiplate Premium Disposable Table Setting Set– Sold in sets of 8. Sign up for emails and save. A set of 8 is $85.00 (not including a discount). Includes 8 10” dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 8 appetizer/dessert bowls, 20 cocktail napkins, 20 guest towels, 24-piece blue & gold plastic cutlery, and large paper baking cups.

Hanukkah decor

Gold chargers

Bee & Willow™ Short Textured Glass Tumbler in Blue – make sure to use your 20% off coupons. The total comes to $24 excluding tax

Olivia & Oliver Madison Gold Red Wine Glasses – regularly $99.98 for a set of 8 but we all have those coupons.

Hanukkah Wish

Hanukkah is a celebration of miracles. And believing in miracles. I am giving each of my guests a little gift. It’s a bracelet that you tie around your wrist. The belief is that your wish is released when the string wears through or breaks. It is believed that yours will come true. Make sure you order early as it is shipped from the United Kingdom.

stocking stuffers

Hanukkah Gift Wrap

I try to find unique ways to wrap my adult daughters’ gifts. I ordered these tags for each night of the week and a leather tag for their stocking (which can be used as a napkin place setting).

Hanukkah decor

Hanukkah Decor

Happy Hanukkah From Our Family to Yours! 🕎💙

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