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Gift Wrapping

Hanukkah Gift Wrapping Ideas

I’m the mom of two grown adult daughters. This means the wrapping paper you used when they were young just won’t cut it.  This year, I am sharing my Hanukkah gift-wrapping suggestions. And I am ready with less than two weeks to go until the first night of Hanukkah. That’s a wrap.

Eight Crazy Nights

Even though they are grown, I still like to get them a gift for each of the eight nights of Hanukkah. When they were little, they got to open up a gift each night. We would typically give them their biggest gift the first night, and then each subsequent night consisted of something smaller. One night they did not get a gift for themselves. They donated that gift by doing the Salvation Army Angel Tree.

It is more complicated to have grown adult kids who no longer live with you. This year, we will not celebrate together until about the fifth night. Having a numbered gift tag for each night makes it simpler because I keep a list of what they get each night.

I found my gift tags on Etsy. My taste is more minimalist, as you can see from my choice. But you can easily find some more options. Just order quickly because time is running out.

Gift wrapping

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Much of my inspiration came from Pinterest. Once I found the style I loved, it was easy from there. Again, I gravitate to more minimal gift-wrapping ideas. But I did add in some silver gold and white embellishments.

gift wrapping

And the custom leather tag I ordered made it easy for me to differentiate some gifts.

gift wrapping

Gift Paper & Embellishments

My gift wrapping paper consisted of  Kraft brown paper, white paper, and navy blue matte paper. I love the thickness of the paper and the matte finish. I used blue and white velvet ribbon, and twine ribbon around each gift.

Embellishments were harder for me to pick out. But JoAnn has a wide selection of holiday picks. I went with the glitter berry & bell pickglitter berry pick, and the blue ornament, pinecone & pine pick.

Wrap It Up!

I like showing my daughters that I see them as adults. This comes out in the little things I do, like the embellishments on this year’s presents which they can keep. I want them to see that they do not need to buy expensive holiday paper unless they grab it when it goes on sale and save it for the next holiday.

The embellishments were very inexpensive. Twine and ribbon were also reasonable. My daughters have a great eye for creating a beautiful home aesthetic. I do not imagine they would want to put out anything that doesn’t fit their look.  It’s simple. I’m showing them ideas and where to find inspiration. They can make it their own when they are wrapping gifts. Or maybe, I am complicating this, and they do not care. But eventually, they probably will, and hopefully, they will remember their beautifully wrapped gifts.

Gift Ideas

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That’s A Wrap! Enjoy your holidays 🎄🕎

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