Show Your Love This Mother’s Day 2023

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Mother's Day 2023

Celebrate the Unconditional Love of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day’s originated to celebrate the women who “championed efforts toward better health, welfare, peace, and love.” However, it was not until  1914 that President Woodrow Wilson designated the second Sunday in May as a legal holiday called “Mother’s Day. There are many ways to show your love this Mother’s Day 2023. It could be as simple as a card, flowers, or taking Mom out for a meal. Or, it can be grand as long as it is heartfelt.

I am blessed to have my mom and aunt around. Taking my 91-year-old mom and 94-year-old aunt out for a meal is too complicated. As is the size of our group. We create a special celebration at home. Here are some easy ideas, from decorating the table to gift suggestions to show your love this Mother’s Day 2023.

Mother’s Day Table Decor

Table decor is a small but significant part of the Mother’s Day celebration. When planning for Mother’s Day, whether breakfast, brunch, or dinner, start with a theme and carry that through with your table setting. My theme this year was flowers. Inspiration came from the Charcuterie letters trending on TikTok.

Floral Paper Mache Letters

You can grab the paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby, either cardboard or white plastic. I went with the 16” cardboard, cut the top, and spray painted white. Search for Paper Mache with M and O or for White Letter Tray. You can also grab them on Amazon. I filled mine with florals I purchased from JoAnn:

Mother's Day 2023

Mini Rose Picks- Cream & Pink/Mini Rose Picks – Peach/Light Yellow Mini Rose Picks/Dark Purple Spring Pansy Bush/Spring Lilac, Ranunculus & Peony Bush in Purple, Pink & White/Blue Clematis Bush/Pompom Orange Mum Pick

It costs about $55 for the entire MOM floral arrangement. The flowers can be used for other special occasions as well. Or you can fill the letters with food and use them as a charcuterie board.

Table Setting

I’m a mom, but I focus on my mom and aunt. Use beautiful disposables from Sophistiplate. Their Sunflower Table Setting included dinner plates, salad plates, appetizer/dessert bowls, cocktail napkins, guest towels, and assorted plastic cutlery.

I used Pink Stemware and a gold paper table runner from Sophistiplate.

Mother's Day 2023

I used Pink Stemware and a gold paper table runner from Sophistiplate.

Thoughtful Gifts

Most of my mom friends would happily skip a gift if it meant being able to be with their adult kids. I feel the same way. But I also know my girls; they always come up with the most thoughtful gifts (or read my blog to see what I have listed).

I love that certain companies, such as Etsy and Canva, send out an email asking if you “prefer not to receive Mother’s Day emails and offering the recipient the opportunity to opt out. More companies should be this empathetic, especially in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day 2023, when our inboxes are filled with Mother’s Day reminders.

For the Jewelry Loving Moms

I mainly wear costume jewelry but am particular about choosing quality items that do not tarnish.

Catbird NYC – My daughters introduced this store to me in March. So I purchased a Forever Bracelet. This is a solid 14k gold bracelet that is custom fit and welded. Check out knuckle rings and stackable rings. My daughters bought me this set for my birthday.

I have six ear piercings perfect for the Vinader Diamond Essential Huggie Earrings and Mini White Topaz Drop Huggie Hoops. I’ve received many compliments on my Huggies. They are perfect for everyday wear and do not tarnish even in the shower.

Girl Mom bracelet – With two daughters, I am most definitely a girl mom and would proudly wear this bracelet (along with the seven I wear already)

Mother's Day 2023

For the Minimalist Moms

Chunky Gold Waterdrop Hoop Earrings – These are trending right now, and you’ll find copies of the Bottega Veneta ones on Anthropologie and Amazon.

Mother's Day 2023

Henry Rose fragrance

Founded by Michelle Pfeiffer, their fragrances are EWG VerifiedTM (a mark for health, transparency, and good manufacturing practices) and Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM, environmentally responsible and socially responsible. I recently purchased the Flora Carnivora and loved the floral scent. You can buy their sample set, which includes 11 sample-size fragrances.

For the Food Loving Moms

Sur la Table Cooking Class – You could join Mom and make this a day out or invite her bestie to join the fun. From Mother’s Day Macarons to Spring cooking classes, it’s the perfect gift.

Mother's Day 2023

NY Times Cooking subscription – If your mom is a foodie like me and loves cooking, give a subscription to NY Times Cooking. It has become one of my go-to’s when searching for new recipes.

For the Nature-Loving Moms

Hydroponic planter – I received the Lyco Hydroponic planter, which is perfect for indoors. Seeds are sold separately.

Mother's Day 2023

Bouqs Monthly Flower Subscriptions – Farm-fresh flowers starting at $44/month. Pick your own frequency with options from weekly to every other month. She will remember you every time a bouquet arrives. They are beautiful, from the packaging to how long they last.

Mother's Day 2023

For the Moms That Need TLC

Candles – I love my Voluspa candles. I have my eye on the Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry 5-wick candle. I have an open floor plan. This would be perfect for masking the smell of my cooking.

Gift Box – Indulge mom in comfort and luxury with a gift box. Made from high-quality materials, this box is sturdy and designed to impress. With its sleek and elegant design, it’s sure to make any gift look even more special. This Etsy store has plenty of options. We ordered a tax season care package for my sisters, and they both LOVED it- their favorite tax season care package gift yet.

Mother's Day 2023

For Moms That Love to Travel

Suitcases – I’m a fan of Away, but my daughter loves her Béis spinner. Monos is another reputable brand. Or perhaps she could use a Weekender bag. I have the Beis Beige Tote Bag.

You can get creative and put together a DIY travel basket filled with essentials.

Not a DYI’er? Grab this travel gift box so Mom can journal about her trip and send notes. Includes a leather luggage tag.

Mother's Day 2023

Sensitivity & Compassion

While many of us will show our love on Mother’s Day to the special women in our lives for their unwavering support, it is a complicated day for those who have lost their mothers or have strained relationships with their mothers. The women who are struggling with infertility or have experienced losing a child. I know this day is difficult for many of my friends who have experienced grief as moms or as someone who has lost their mom. Reach out to those who may be struggling on Mother’s Day 2023.

My daughters and I feel the same way about Father’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day 🌸🌺🌹

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