Graduation Photography for FAU Seniors

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Memorialize Graduation Day with Photography

They say time flies when you’re having fun…that includes the four years spent in college! Commencement is around the corner and an event you’ll want to memorialize. There is no doubt that graduation is a big deal and one you will definitely want to memorialize. It should be celebrated and remembered! Graduation photos are a big deal too; far bigger than the simple cap and gown pic I remember taking….well, a few years back. Students today often hire photographers to guide them around campus and get all sorts of pictures of them in their school colors to commemorate the event.

Some students may choose the classic locations around campus to take their photos. Student favorites include the banyan trees, Football Stadium, Owlsley Statute, and the Student Union seal, to mention a few. Others may choose to have some of their senior pictures captured someplace that is specifically special to them. My daughter took some of my favorites at Spanish River Park and Mizner Park. Some want a few of their photos to be with their friends or sorority sisters or brothers too. My daughter’s favorite photo is of her and a few of her sorority sisters throwing glitter in front of Owlsley.

Many students (particularly photography enthusiasts) will offer their services to take some amazing pictures around campus for a reasonable price days before graduation. Students may want to schedule a few weeks early as the popular photo locations will get crowded. My daughter had one of her sorority sisters who was a photography major take her photos.

Encourage them to book their photo session as early in the morning as possible when it isn’t so hot. And once you get there and want those family pics with your student adorned in cap and gown, be sure not to leave it for right before or after the ceremony, because that is what everyone else will do and you will literally wait in a long line to snap in all the key places that scream Owl.  We arrived about an hour earlier than the suggested arrival time and took the photos then.

Here are a few student-recommended photographers. You can also do a search in the FAU Class pages or parent pages on Facebook for more suggestions.

FAU does contract with a private vendor who photographs each graduate as they cross the stage. If you are able to locate your student in the sea of graduates and can carefully follow their place in line, they also show them crossing the stage on the jumbotron with their name and degree. You can try to photograph that as well. One of the many fun parts of watching graduation is seeing the creative caps designed by the students. I think my daughter spent several weeks perfecting hers.

They also use GradImages, an outside company, to take pictures of each graduate in three places as they cross the stage. If you register in advance, they offer a 20% discount. Prices range from $125 to $250 depending on the photographer, the number of people, and how many prints you want. I, personally, prefer to have the rights to the photos for a flat fee and then print as many as you want on your own. Negotiate that prior to booking. Senior pictures are a fabulous way to wrap up your last few weeks at FAU.

For more information about all things leading up to graduation, including where to buy flowers and the ruling on tickets and cap decorating, check out our Graduation blog. We can even help you choose a hotel for that weekend or a restaurant for your big celebration, and suggest a few places to get your hair done for those pics.

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