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Great Craft Breweries Guide

For college students over the age of 21 and parents visiting their students, many of the college towns have some great breweries. HaveUHeard that the craft beer boom in the United States is growing, with nearly 7500 craft and macro breweries in the U.S. alone? According to this history of craft beers, many of the brews we enjoy today started in a basement or garage of a homebrewer. One of the well-known breweries in Gainesville even draws their water from local aquifers.

Up until a few years ago, outside of my college days when we drank a lot of beer (the drinking age was 18 at the time wink-wink), I was not a big fan. That changed when I did a craft brewery tour while visiting my daughter at college. Whether you are a homebrewer or you just appreciate some of the wonderful new craft beers that are available, we encourage you to visit a brewery while visiting your legal-aged student.

We share the local places in our blog “21 and Oh So Fun” for each university.

If you truly love craft beer, check out this list of breweries throughout the country. It is always fun to try local craft beers, or if you consider yourself a beer connoisseur, perhaps you want to get a membership to the Craft Beer Club. It makes a great gift for the beer-loving person in your life. Pair that with a beer glass from yours or their favorite sports team or even a branded craft beer flight.

Time to raise a pint!

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