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Perhaps It’s Time to Consider Majors that are Sustainable in Tough Times

Students usually choose their majors over a period of time. I have always been a fan of taking a variety of classes until you find the ones that you enjoy most and choosing your majors around that. However; in these unprecedented times, students might want to take recent events into consideration when choosing a major. As with any major event, such as a recession, war, or, in this case, a pandemic, there is a shift in what type of degree a student may want to consider pursuing.

Certainly, the job market will look different in the future. Contemplating what jobs were sustainable throughout the pandemic may also help in the decision-making process. For instance, public health which can include hospital management, infectious disease, and clinical research, among other things, was already a fast-growing major but may continue to grow due to an upcoming need. Similarly, we definitely learned the significance of our health-care workers. There are so many avenues that can stem from a major in the health sciences.

Teaching has undoubtedly taken on a new lens, aside from many having a newfound respect for the value of a good educator. While the look of education has also been altered, teachers will always be needed and now could also benefit from having a background in computer technology. The food industry is undoubtedly in for some changes, but people are going to be needed in various food services whether it be in management or administration of restaurants or grocery store chains, etc. Politics in one form or another, particularly since politicians and government seemed to have become an integral part of our daily lives, could be worth considering. Wellness from mental health to new forms of fitness (particularly those that can be done remotely) has increased in popularity as well.

Majors in engineering, finance, computer programming, software development, economics, and nursing that lead to stable, higher-paying jobs will undoubtedly remain popular, but it can’t hurt to consider what jobs can be done remotely as well. A great resource for looking at job and career sustainability is the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of course, reaching out to your student’s university career center, looking at job sites and LinkedIn are also good references.

Major Skills

In addition to choosing a major, students may want to add some skills like mastering Photoshop, Google-drive, Zoom, data analysis, computer programming, proficiency in a second (or third) language. There are many certificate programs that can be done outside of college classes that can only enhance your employability. Increasing your knowledge escalates your value to potential employers. Some college majors may be changing at your school. New ones may be added and others may disappear. Find out what major programs are offered and how your school can help you decide. Every school offers advice help and they will be most updated on any recent changes to majors and their programs.

For school-specific information, check out each university.

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