2021 Hanukkah Table Decor

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table decor

What Inspired My Table Decor?

My intention for the holidays this year is to make it warm & inviting and joyful. To be honest, after a toned-down Hanukkah last year, I think it is only fair to be a little extra with my celebrations. I wanted to make this year’s holiday a celebration… a celebration of life, good health, family & friends. Of course, I will be serving some of the traditional foods like latkes but I may put a twist on that. Stay tuned. That’s why I am so excited to share my Hanukkah table decor. With Hanukkah starting early this year, (Sunday, November 28th), I got a headstart on planning out my vision. To say I cannot wait to share the holidays with my family and closest friends is an understatement.

Some Call It A Tablescape

I had not heard of this term prior to last year. In fact, my mom has been decorating her table for years including Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. We have an extremely large family that gathers for most holidays. My mom puts out candles, a cornucopia filled with faux pumpkins, fall leaves, scattered Thanksgiving confetti, and flowers for Thanksgiving. She even use the quilted, stuffed turkey neck and head that my daughter made in preschool. For Hanukkah, though more traditional, there are dreidels, more confetti, and of course, chocolate gelt.

Creating a tablescape elevates the holiday table. The dishes, wine glasses, Shabbat candle holders, charger plates, round ornaments, and even the wine bottle cork lights that I repurposed for my table were all items I collected over the years. I did add in several pieces from Peace Love Lights Shop including a beautiful Star of David botanical. When creating a beautifully decorated table, look around the house for items you can repurpose. You don’t have to spend a lot of money.

How to Create A Beautifully Decorated Holiday Table

To create your decorated holiday table, I would recommend using Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, and TikTok for inspiration. Instagram was where I discovered Kobasics Creations’ custom wood words. My memory was that it was for wooden Christmas plate settings. Certainly easy to create the words Happy Hanukkah for my plate settings.

From there, I continued to look for ideas. I discovered Peace, Love, Lights Shop. Lisa Fero, the owner, and chief designer is a pleasure to work with. I love what her brand stands for… “a source for products that are unique, beautiful, and relevant in today’s society while honoring centuries-old Jewish traditions. Finally, hamsas play a huge role in my spirituality. She was selling a beautiful embroidered Hamsa linen runner which is now sold out. But the shop also sells a Hanukkah Festival of Lights and Jewish Star runners.

For my menorah and Shabbat candle holders, I also purchased a personalized engraved slate candle drip tray. I love that it says Peace Love Light because it sums up exactly what I aspire for lately.

The string lights on the table are actually battery-operated wine bottle lights. You can simply hide the plastic cork. They come in many colors including white, blue, and red. Again, easily compatible with whatever holiday table setting you are creating.

As I said, I already had the dishes, chargers, wine glasses, silver so that was easy to add. I even had the ornaments from the Hanukkah tree we put up last year. I saw a tablescape where the ornaments were hung from a chandelier. That influenced me to hang my blue, gold & silver ornaments. Amazon was where I found the decorative hook hangers.

How It Turned Out

I must say, I’ve never been much on table decor but seeing some of the beautiful tablescapes, I can see why so many are fans. It creates a look that is warm and inviting.

Hanukkah Table decor


Here are the items I used:


Holiday Ideas

From gift cards to subscriptions, if you are looking for a gift for the hard-to-buy ones in your life, we’re sharing some suggestions that are sure to bring holiday feels.

Make sure to also help those most in need. We should all do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

Wishing you all a holiday filled with joy and peace ✡☮🎄

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